What is the CMHC in Canada?

When exploring the world of mortgages and home ownership in Canada, you’ll often encounter the acronym CMHC. But what exactly is CMHC, and how does it play a crucial role in the Canadian housing market? In this article, we delve deep into understanding the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, its objectives, and its impact on Canadian homeowners and the broader housing market.

Introduction to CMHC

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is a federal Crown corporation founded in 1946. Initially established to address Canada’s post-war housing shortage, its mandate has since evolved to encompass various aspects of the Canadian housing spectrum.

Key Functions of CMHC

  1. Mortgage Loan Insurance: One of CMHC’s most known functions is to provide mortgage loan insurance. This insurance is mandatory for Canadian homebuyers making a down payment of less than 20% of the property’s value. It protects lenders in case of borrower default. While the homebuyer pays the insurance premium, the actual beneficiary of this insurance is the lender.
  2. Promotion of Affordable Housing: CMHC aids in the development and financing of affordable housing projects across Canada. This encompasses funding for social housing and collaboration with provinces, territories, and other organizations to create affordable living solutions.
  3. Market Analysis and Research: CMHC regularly publishes research and data concerning the Canadian housing market, offering valuable insights into market trends, affordability metrics, and future projections. This information is invaluable for homeowners, investors, policymakers, and industry professionals.
  4. Housing Policy and Advice: Beyond its direct housing programs, CMHC offers policy recommendations to the federal government and works in collaboration with other levels of government to develop strategies that address various housing challenges.
  5. Securitization Programs: CMHC provides financial institutions with tools that ensure a steady supply of funds for residential mortgages in Canada. This includes the National Housing Act (NHA) Mortgage-Backed Securities program and the Canada Mortgage Bonds program, both of which contribute to competitive interest rates for Canadian homeowners.

Benefits to Canadian Homebuyers

  • Accessibility: By providing mortgage loan insurance, CMHC enables Canadians with smaller down payments to enter the housing market. Without such a program, many Canadians might find it challenging to own homes.
  • Education and Information: With its comprehensive research and publications, CMHC equips buyers with knowledge, helping them make informed decisions in the housing market.
  • Focus on Affordable Housing: For those facing financial challenges, CMHC’s initiatives around affordable housing can provide pathways to secure, affordable living conditions.

Critiques and Considerations

While CMHC has significantly impacted the Canadian housing landscape, it’s not without its critiques. Some argue that CMHC’s mortgage insurance program inflates housing prices by encouraging higher borrowing. Others feel the corporation should do more to address escalating housing prices and rental rates.

CMHC and Its Changing Role in the Pandemic Era

As with many sectors, the housing market has seen substantial shifts due to the global pandemic, and CMHC has been at the forefront of adapting to these changes.

  1. COVID-19 Mortgage Payment Deferrals: Recognizing the financial strain many Canadians faced due to the pandemic, CMHC, in collaboration with other mortgage insurers and financial institutions, offered homeowners the option to defer mortgage payments for several months.
  2. Evolving Market Predictions: CMHC’s market analyses during this period have been invaluable for both industry stakeholders and the public. While initial predictions warned of significant drops in house prices due to the pandemic, the resilience of the Canadian housing market led to adjustments in these projections.
  3. Refinements to Mortgage Rules: To ensure market stability, CMHC made changes to underwriting policies for insured mortgages in 2020. These changes included a reduction in debt servicing ratios and a higher credit score requirement for at least one borrower or guarantor.

Future Projections and Initiatives

While the immediate future of the housing market remains somewhat unpredictable, CMHC continues its work towards a few core goals:

  • Sustainability: With climate change being a global concern, CMHC has been pushing for more sustainable housing solutions. This includes both environmentally-friendly construction practices and housing solutions that are economically sustainable for Canadians.
  • Addressing Homelessness: One of the corporation’s bold targets is to help reduce chronic homelessness in Canada significantly. Through a combination of funding, policy advisories, and collaboration with other organizations, CMHC aims to make considerable strides in this area.
  • Tech Integration: Recognizing the digital shift in many sectors, CMHC has been exploring ways to incorporate more tech solutions into its offerings. This might mean more digital tools for homeowners, virtual platforms for information dissemination, or tech-driven policy adjustments.

Key Takeaways for Homeowners and Buyers

  • Stay Informed: With the rapidly evolving landscape, it’s essential for anyone in the housing market to stay updated with CMHC’s announcements, policies, and research findings.
  • Explore Available Resources: CMHC provides numerous online tools, guides, and calculators. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to remortgage, these resources can be invaluable.
  • Engage with Experts: While CMHC offers a plethora of information, consulting with mortgage professionals can provide clarity tailored to individual situations. A mortgage broker or advisor can guide you through the intricacies of CMHC’s policies and their implications for your specific case.


The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, with its long-standing history and multifaceted role in the housing sector, remains a pivotal entity in the Canadian real estate landscape. By understanding its objectives, initiatives, and the resources it offers, Canadian homeowners and potential buyers can navigate the complex housing market with added confidence and clarity.

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